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Welcome to the blog, you curious soul!

If you clicked on the "blog" link on this under-construction webpage within the first two weeks of March, you're exactly the type of person Búho wants to serve! There are many of y'all in Brownsville who are bright, creative, and curious, but perhaps crave for a space to help grow your pursuit of knowledge. If this crazy passion-project of mine gets its wings and takes off, not only will a brick-and-mortar Búho add value to Brownsville, but our services and products will also add value to you.

Take Care + Stay Curious,


PS: Screen-shot this blog post and show it to me at the March 13th Brownsville Pop-up Event to get a 20% DISCOUNT on your purchase.

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Feb 19

Love this! Congratulations 🥰🤗🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻


Dec 23, 2022

Not me, searching for clues to this new mystery 👀

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